Discord Channel Rules

Channel Rules

Global Discord Channel Rules: These rules apply everywhere.

  1. Please respect the decisions made by our moderators: When a moderator makes a judgement call, their word is final.
  2. No unnecessary bullying or personal attacks.
  3. No aggressive, hostile or provocative behavior – please watch your attitude.
  4. Racism and other intolerant behaviour will not be condoned.
  5. No porn, no fetish stuff. Hard-core, soft-core, etc. NADA.
  6. No soliciting.[1]
  7. Please use a ‘Room’ If you need communication for your game. This includes continuously describing or narrating what you do in the game.
  8. Go to a Streaming Room if you are intending to broadcast publicly.[2]
  9. Political discussion is not allowed in any public channels. Use Rooms 1~5 for such discussions.

General Channel

General channel is for casual conversation

  1. No shouting matches:If discussions gets heated, end them or take them elsewhere
  2. No spamming over mic (making loud noises for an extended period of time, repeatedly saying the same thing)
  3. Nothing beyond mildly sexual topics. If it’s dodgy, take it to G-Loc Bar.
  4. Be respectful and tag spoilers with spoiler alerts.
  5. No links to illegal or illicit material, torrents included.

G-Loc Bar

Less moderation, you can talk about practically anything however:

  1. No submission of pornographic material
  2. No illegal activity


Quiet-Zone for those who want a calmer/quieter channel (soft AFK).

  1. Respect the nature of the room and move to a different channel if you want to chat
  2. General Chat rules apply.

[1]No begging, No advertisement, external recruitment, GoFundMe-campaigns, referral spam etc. By extension, the solicitation of members using other chat services such as Skype and Steam is also strictly forbidden and will be treated as harassment.

[2]Streaming in the 3 general channels is strictly prohibited and doing so is a breach of trust

Furthermore, we will enforce Discord’s Terms of Service. Link to Discord ToS

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